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Collineo Asset Management GmbH

Collineo Asset Management GmbH offers investors a range of services ranging from standardized to individual services and future-oriented investment opportunities related to real estate investment and financing. We provide investors with direct and indirect investment in loans, tangible assets and real estate.

Collineo Asset Management GmbH's activities focus on the following areas:

  • Asset management of share and fund products in the real estate sector
  • Credit risk analysis for internal and external portfolios and investments
  •  Qualified monitoring & reporting

Collineo Asset Management GmbH is offering investment products and fund concepts in the real estate sector. Portfolios, portfolio investments, real estate bonds, equity and mezzanine financing form the focus of the comprehensive analyses and investments.

Based on the long-standing experience as an asset manager and the real estate know-how from the mortgage bank, specialists are employed to find the right financing and investment strategy for our customers. Taking into account the investment law, tax and accounting situation of our investors, we arrange, structure and invest in financings, tangible assets, real estate and real estate related investments with stable cash flows.


We arrange and take over minority interests in real estate holding companies. We realise investments that generate sustainable income and are geared for asset formation. Collineo Asset Management GmbH supports the entire process chain from the identification of portfolios, the set-up of the investment structure, the elaboration of legally required documents to professional reporting.

Credit Risk Analysis

Collineo Asset Management GmbH delivers comprehensive credit risk assessments for clients. As part of the project development, we are responsible for market, location and credit risk analyses. Our capacities also cover securities and promissory notes, as well as the analysis of borrowers and issuers. Our independent and qualitative assessment is based on the analysis of fundamental data and sector-specific key numbers. Regardless of the initial classification and assessment of an investment, our service enables us to continuously monitor the commitment and identify changes in value at an early stage.

The changed regulatory environment of insurance companies and institutions for occupational retirement provision often requires a separate credit risk assessment of the financial assets. As an experienced and reliable partner, we are in compliance with regulation, adopt these analyses and support our institutional customers to save their capacities.

Collineo Asset Management GmbH is authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to provide financial intermediation, asset intermediation, asset management and investment management.

Asset Management GmbH
(licensed and regulated by BaFin)

  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio shareholdings
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Qualified monitoring

Collineo Advisory GmbH

Collineo Advisory GmbH offers services to companies in the industrial and services sector as well as to financial institutions and public sector entities.

The special expertise of Collineo Advisory GmbH lies in the understanding and the intelligent link-up of market participants who search funds or investment opportunities with a specific risk/return profile, who manage or want to place assets and risks or who seek advice in connection with structured finance products, derivatives and other financial questions.

A main focus of the advisory services lies on real estate and infrastructure based products. In this context, Collineo Advisory GmbH renders advice along the whole capital structure, from direct real estate investments to mezzanine and senior capital.

Banks, insurance companies and companies in the industrial and services sector benefit from the integration of the Collineo Advisory GmbH in the Collineo Group and trust in Collineo’s long-lasting expert knowledge.

Advisory GmbH

  • Banking-related advisory
  • Refinancing and restructuring advisory
  • Placement advisory