collineo means responsibility

Our DNA: ethically driven, ecologically responsible, economically successful

Through our activities as asset managers, we have a significant influence on how people will live and work in the future and how the image of our cities and social interaction will be shaped. We see ourselves in this environment as financiers, partners, and think tank.

With the knowledge that every single business decision makes a difference, the topic of sustainability has become the guiding principle of our corporate strategy. We are conscious of making a difference.

Shaping the future sustainably

Through expert, careful action and commitment, we want to contribute to a livable tomorrow. A society that acts with a future-oriented attitude is our vision.

We focus on sustainable investments and put ecological, social, and ethical aspects at the center of our decisions. ESG is not a platitude for us, but the idea that drives us.

A sense of responsibility is the basis of our forward-thinking actions

– Heike Leicher, Managing Partner

Thinking climate neutral from the core

Our conscience is green. The balance between people and nature is important to us and we declinate this ambition entrepreneurially. By supporting the financing of innovative, climate-friendly projects, we are setting a specific example.

We promote awareness of fair and gentle treatment of natural resources.

ESG criteria are an integral part of our analysis process. They help us in every decision-making process for sustainable investments.

Binding set of values

We are aware of our contribution to a sustainable future. We define achievable means by which our CO2, energy, and raw material consumption can be systematically reduced and our eco-efficiency consistently improved.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of our customers.

We align our consulting and decision-making processes with our ecological and social standards. Supporting modern living, working, and lifestyle environments for the benefit of all is the aspiration of our corporate activities and a binding guiding principle for us.

collineo Mind-Set

We are committed to conscientious corporate management and face the challenges of our time. For us, this means upholding our principles, diversity, respect and tolerance.

Whether internally or externally: we work with creativity and adapted individual behavior to find the right answers for a just future.

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